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The most important question for business owners who see the internet as a way of connecting with their clients is -  Does my website work on a small screen?

Ask yourself …

  • When I walk down the street, into the coffee shop or the local pub, sit down to eat in a restaurant, how are people connecting to the web?
  • The answer is easy, via a mobile device, usually with a small screen. Those people are purchasing, browsing and looking for things to buy or install in some way into their lives.Mobile Websites Tenerife

Internet usage by mobile devices is currently 1.9 billion or 80% and rising. According BI Intelligence, a research service from Business Insider, the number of devices that will be connected by 2018 will be 9 billion - mind-blowing.

Padserv Hosting offers excellent award winning solutions to your mobile needs. Starting at just 295 Euros, we can convert your existing website and design into a slick, working, easy to navigate, mobile site online within 3 days. This can offer shopping carts with PayPal connections, links to Google Maps, Click to Call features and much more. Whatever your application, there’s a strong chance our mobile app will work wonders for your business.

We are so convinced you will be delighted that we offer a 10-day money back guarantee if you do not like this development.

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